QC support

We are often engaged by customers and other diagnostic companies for analytical support. Our analytical service can provide valuable information and support for example stability studies and trouble shooting. We have a well-equipped QC lab that uses different technologies and offer a variety of analytical methods, each developed and validated for a specific type of oligonucleotide. We like to challenge our QC lab by real and severe analysis tasks, as this is an important driving force for development. For more information, see under QC Support.

Kit related services

We manufacture DNA oligonucleotides according to customer specifications. This means that each product is unique, and custom made upon order. The specifications vary both in wealth of details and extent. For some customers we deliver the separate oligonucleotides in lyophilized form, whereas we help other customers with the whole or parts of their downstream procedure which involves formulation, aliquotation, mixing, labeling, testing and finally, the assembly of their diagnostic kit. Please contact us for more information.


We strive to be your partner and are interested in long and close collaborations with all our customers. To us, a good collaboration involves open discussions and mutual exchange of ideas and information. We have regularly meetings or conference calls with many of our customers, just to keep each other informed on continuing orders or projects and to continuously discuss new projects and business opportunities.