QC Support

We offer analytical support as a service to our customers and other diagnostic companies. This service means that you can send in oligonucleotides to our well-equipped QC lab for analysis.  We have a large number of analytical methods, and can analyse all types of oligonucleotides. Our service has been proven to provide valuable information and help in times of evaluations or trouble-shooting.  Available analyses are listed to the right. 

If you are interested in this service, please send an e-mail to qcsupport@sgsdna.com


Downloadable files

Available analyses:
Anion Exchange-HPLC
Reversed Phase-HPLC
Ultra Performance-LC (UPLC)
Mass determination (ESI-TOF)
Determination of amino reactivity


Amount needed per analysis:  
HPLC/UPLC 1 nmol          
Mass determination 0.5 nmol