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Product types

We manufacture all types on DNA oligonucleotides, both unmodified oligonucleotides, such as primers, and modified oligonucleotides such as probes. Our refined manufacturing process enables us to obtain excellent results, even for long oligonucleotides and highly complex molecules. SGS DNA manufactures SCORPIONS®, MGB® Probes and long oligonucleotides (up to 150 nucleotides) of superior quality.

SGS DNA is continually evaluating new modifications. To request our product brochure or ask about new modifications currently under evaluation at SGS DNA, please contact us at support@sgsdna.com.

We strive to be your partner from Research through Development to Manufacturing. We know and understand  each of these phases and their specific needs for different scales and quality levels of oligonucleotides. For example, we can offer unpurified oligonucleotides at small scales for screening and initial tests at the research phase, HPLC purified oligonucleotides at small scales for the development phase and HPLC purified oligonucleotides at large scales with a non-contamination guarantee for the manufacturing phase. See below:

Purity level: Recommended for:
Std LC, normally 60-80% Research phase
HPLC ≥ 90% Development phase
HPLC ≥ 95% Development phase
IVD ASR, purity according Manufacturing phase
to customer specification

If you use different suppliers during the different development phases, you will most certainly experience problems due to differences in product quality. Many diagnostic companies purchase oligonucleotides from "any" oligohouse for their initial tests. Later on in the process, they purchase high quality products from a well-reputed supplier, such as SGS DNA, and obtain different results compared to their previous tests due to huge differences in quality. As a result of this, parts of their research work have to be redone. By using SGS DNA as supplier during the entire development process you will experience a seamless transition during the different phases and earn both time and money.

Based on our long experience of synthesizing, purifying and analyzing oligonucleotides, we can predict difficulties in the manufacturing process and therefore suggest changes in the design and/or specification. Therefore it is favorable to involve us as early as convenient for you in your process, so that our input will be most useful. We will help, guide and assist you in every way we can during the whole process, from your initial tests to the launch of your diagnostic products and then for the continuous manufacture of your successful product.