We offer various modifications, for examples see the list to the right. When it comes to fluorescent groups, we have worked with most of the reporter dyes available on the market and found that the choice of reporter dye is of utmost importance, especially for long and complex molecules.

The quality and stability of the dye will influence the yield obtained from our manufacture and also the overall stability of the oligonucleotide. Hence, it will strongly effect the over all cost for your diagnostic product. Another important fact to consider is if the modification in question is covered by any patent and if you need a license in order to use this dye in your diagnostic assay. We will be glad to share our experience and assist you in your decision. Please contact us for more information.

Available modifications:
Flourescent groups
Fluorescent groups combined with Quenchers
Super bases, More
Other functional groups such as amino, thiol
Phosphorothioate bonds
And much more...