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All our products are custom made and manufactured according to your specifications. It is therefore important that you set the relevant specifications. One should not underestimate the importance of high quality and purity even for "simple" oligonucleotides such as primers. We know that there are no short cuts to high quality, and in your case, to optimal performance of your assay. Therefore, we recommend you to have the same level of quality of all the oligonucleotides that will coincide in your assay.

Our high quality oligonucleotides may be considered expensive, but it is really a cost-effective investment. The high purity of our products gives that only small amounts of each product are needed for optimal reaction and this in its turn results in a very low cost per reaction.

Unmodified oligonucleotides up to 220 bases
Biotin labelled oligonucleotides
Phosphate labelled oligonucleotides
Amino modified oligonucleotides
Reporter-Quencher probes, More
MGB® modified oligonucleotides, More
Oligonucleotides with modified bases
Conjugation of oligonucleotides to various molecules
Concentration setting
QC control
Kit assembly
QC support, More
Stability studies, More